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Sunday, May 28, 2023

CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam Analysis: Students Find Paper Lengthy and Difficult

CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam Analysis: Students Find Paper Lengthy and Difficult

CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam Analysis: Students Find Paper Lengthy and Difficult


The CBSE Class 12 Physics examination is one of the most significant milestones for students pursuing science in their senior secondary education. However, the recent exam has left many students feeling overwhelmed and challenged. In this blog, we will analyze the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam and explore why students found it lengthy and difficult.

1. Lengthy Question Paper:

One of the primary concerns expressed by students was the length of the CBSE Class 12 Physics question paper. The exam reportedly contained a higher number of questions compared to previous years, leaving students with limited time to complete the paper. The time pressure created additional stress and hindered their ability to thoroughly analyze and answer each question effectively.

2. Complex and Challenging Questions:

Students also reported that the difficulty level of the questions was higher than anticipated. The exam included complex numerical problems, theoretical questions requiring in-depth understanding, and application-based scenarios that demanded critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This increased difficulty level caught many students off guard, as they were not adequately prepared for such a rigorous examination.

3. Emphasis on Higher-Order Thinking Skills:

The CBSE Class 12 Physics exam aimed to assess students' higher-order thinking skills rather than rote memorization. The questions required students to apply their conceptual knowledge to real-life situations, analyze data, and draw logical conclusions. While this shift is intended to promote deeper understanding and analytical skills, it posed a challenge for students who were accustomed to more straightforward questions in previous exams.

4. Time Management Challenges:

Due to the lengthy and challenging nature of the question paper, many students struggled with time management during the exam. They found it difficult to allocate sufficient time to each question, resulting in incomplete or hurried responses. Time management is a crucial skill for any examination, and the unexpected length of the CBSE Class 12 Physics paper presented a significant obstacle for students.

5. Impact on Overall Performance:

The difficulty and length of the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam have raised concerns about their impact on students' overall performance. Students who may have excelled in their regular practice and mock tests found it challenging to replicate their success in the actual exam. The added stress and pressure could potentially affect their confidence and overall scores.


The CBSE Class 12 Physics exam, with its lengthy and difficult question paper, has left many students feeling overwhelmed and anxious. The increased complexity, emphasis on higher-order thinking skills, and time management challenges contributed to the difficulties faced by students. It is important for students to remember that exam difficulties are not a reflection of their capabilities and should not discourage them. It is crucial to stay positive, learn from the experience, and focus on future opportunities to improve. Teachers and educational institutions can also play a vital role in supporting students through counseling, additional practice, and guidance to help them overcome these challenges and excel in their academic journey.

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